Pregnancy marks the beginning of parenthood! It is the best time to realize that life is not a series of finish lines, but is a continual process and evolution. This is the time to contemplate what kind of parent you are, what kind of family you are creating, and how the roles must shift in your relationship. Family is the ultimate practice of interdependence.

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Are you worried or stressed? Are you conflicted or are you making decisions with ease? Are you eating well and caring for yourself and your baby? Is your partner involved and supportive or distant and disconnected? Your answers to these questions are indicative of the family environment you will create in the postpartum period.

The birth system in the USA is failing, leading to statistics like an average C-Section rate of over 32%, low international ranking for maternal care, and a high incidence of mood disorders in the postpartum period.

I believe mothers, babies, and families deserve more!

Imagine being emotionally, physically, and spiritually supported throughout your pregnancy, before your birth, and into the postpartum period. Don't you think that you would be more likely to have a satisfying birth and an easier transition into motherhood? I do.

As you navigate the numerous and complex choices of pregnancy, routine testing, birth plans, postpartum recovery, and parenting, our holistic care will support you in consciously choosing your outcomes. You will know how to feel centered and how to recognize decisions that you will not regret later, which leads to a satisfying experience. Your family is worth it!

The following chart shows what standard care in US Hospitals includes versus what care is evidence-based. A lack of evidence-based care creates a system that is run as a business, not as a healthcare service. Click here for Induction, C-Section, & VBAC facts.