Once the thrill and amazement of your baby's arrival wears off, the majority of moms have regrets about their birth experience - particularly first timers. For other moms, motherhood is not what they expected - sleepless nights, deep emotions, uncharted experiences, body metamorphosis, and shifting family dynamics. A mother needs to process, release, rebuild, and recover. A mother needs to take a moment to catch her breath and figure out who she is in the here and now.

I hear many mothers say that looking back at the postpartum period they didn't realize they were suffering. I believe every woman needs support in postpartum recovery. The postpartum period lasts up to 18 months in my experience. And it is never too late to address the unresolved emotions from pregnancy, birth, and postpartum - in fact, if not addressed, they may resurface in menopause.

Postpartum symptoms that can be addressed in the package include: exhaustion, anemia, anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, difficulty adjusting to motherhood, inability to cope with day to day tasks.

First Visit to the Office

1 x 90 minute In-Depth Consultation + Personalized Treatment Plan

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Postpartum Recovery Package

1 x 90 minute Postpartum Consultation + 5 x 60 minute Acupuncture Sessions

Postpartum health depends on a mom's ability to honor her pregnancy, process her birth, and step into her new identity as a mother. Acupuncture is highly effective in easing anxiety and relieving depression.

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Perinatal Package

2 x 90 minute In-Depth Consultations + 10 x 60 minute Acupuncture Sessions

Perinatal means the time around birth. This package is meant to be used during pregnancy, through birth, and into the postpartum period. Treatment through out the perinatal period increases a woman's chance of birth satisfaction and enhanced ability to adapt to her new role as a mother. Sessions can be scheduled as needed. Two in-depth consultations are included.

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