Video Diary - A Healing Tool


To learn about using a Video Diary as a healing tool, watch the video or read below. 

This is a fantastic exercise to use to process your birth. It is also helpful from preconception, through out pregnancy, and before birth. Speak to your baby.


How do you know IF something needs healing?

If you have a repetitive thought, it is likely because there is an emotion that needs to heal or an action that needs to be taken. Repetition is the Divine's way of encouraging you.

Follow this simple 4 step process to relieve your mind of repetitive thoughts.    

Step 1

Identify Who or What needs your attention

Is there a person you can't get out of your mind?
Is there an experience you keep replaying in your head? Are you having trouble making a decision? 

Step 2

Prepare your video recording device (Smart Phone, Quicktime Player, etc.). If you aren't sure, ask your most tech savvy friend for help. Take a moment to focus.

Bring the thought to the forefront of your mind. You may have a list of 10 things. If so, go through them one at a time. 

Step 3

Get some tissues. Record yourself. Let your words come from your heart. If you need to cry or sob, do so. Allow any emotion that surfaces to be fully felt and experienced. This could be as simple as clarifying a business venture or as profound as healing a deep soul wound. 

Step 4

Watch yourself. And again.

What do you see watching yourself as an observer? What would you say to yourself? How does it feel watching yourself? What did you learn? 

Process what just happened and let the experience settle in. Take a walk along the beach, go on a hike, or relax over a cup of tea.

Our internal well being has more to do with ourselves than it does others. If you feel whole and healthy, your mind will be clear and free, which in turn, allows you to be present and true with yourself and others.   

Imagine what kind of world that would create!