Acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years. The most common response heard from patients after being needled for the first time is, "that was it?". I use some of the finest and high quality needles on the market and have a gentle but powerful technique. People are often surprised how little sensation the needles actually cause, which varies depending on where the needles are placed on the body. The World Health Organization compiled an extensive list of conditions successfully treated by acupuncture that was published in 2002. In my experience, regardless of the underlying condition, acupuncture is one of the most effective health tools to assist healing. However, acupuncture also has limitations and there are certain conditions that require more from an integrative approach or are not effectively treated by acupuncture at all.

Three facets of Healing

Physiological Benefits (Body) - Acupuncture influences many of the body's systems including the nervous system, glandular system, and brain chemistry system. The impact effects our immune response, hormonal regulation, and organ and bodily functions. Acupuncture provides a comprehensive impact on your physical well being.

Silence (Mind) - In the modern world that we live in, it is a rare opportunity to take a pause, breathe, and quiet the mind. Meditation has numerous benefits that are invaluable to our health and well being. Your acupuncture session offers you a sacred space to quiet the mind, listen to music, meditate or simply relax and let go.

Energy Balancing (Spirit) - Your Qi is your vital life force. It is the way you feel when you have had time to care for yourself, to fill up your own cup with things that make you feel good. It is your birthright to live a life that nurtures your Qi. However, the modern world's busy ways creates disruption of our life force. If your natural rhythm is different from the rhythm that your life dictates, you will fall out of balance. Acupuncture gets you back in touch with your vital life force, so you can realize what type of life is healthy to your essential being.

Holistic Therapies

Peyton incorporates holistic therapies into her acupuncture sessions, including essential oils and flower essences. She also offers customized healing plans that can be made up of any of her offerings, including intuitive readings and energy healing sessions!

Essential Oils

Essential oils have exploded in popularity in our culture due to the growing desire for natural substances that people can access and explore from their own homes. In my experience, essential oils can enhance acupuncture treatments and assist in creating emotional buoyancy and mental soundness. Essential oils offer natural cleaning solutions and safe ways to uplift the vibration or set the mood in your home or office environment.

Flower Essences

Flower Essences are the most subtle yet powerful of nature's medicines. They are safe and have no side effects or drug interactions. Flower essences are used to explore health and spiritual transformations and are useful in supporting health transformations by assisting in the letting go of negative thinking or recurring patterns in your life.

Energy Medicine

Whether it's Qi Gong from China or Reiki from Japan or any other lineage of hands on healing, the power of energy medicine is palpable through the palms of our hands. In energy medicine, the practitioner's hands function as a conduit between you, the receiver, and the divine, the source of all that is.

Intuitive Guidance

Our intuition is our ability to hear, listen, see, and/or feel divine guidance. Each person their own intuitive language and each person receives guidance in a unique way or combination of ways. Intuition is a powerful tool to help guide you on your life's journey. As a practitioner, intuition allows for the sharing of messages from spirit and meaningful visions.

Health Coaching

Health coaching sessions delve into all aspects of wellness. Sessions can be scheduled from all over the globe and are consist of conversation, energy medicine, wellness recommendations, and divination readings. Sessions are tailored to meet each person's individual needs.


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