Peyton Theodore, Licensed Acupuncturist

Peyton Theodore lives in Cardiff By The Sea, California with her 7 year old son, Aspen, and 5 year old daughter, Savannah. As a child growing up in Pennsylvania, she connected most with the intuitive, majestic, and playful nature of ponies, riding competitively from the ages of seven through seventeen. As a double major in Cognitive Studies and Child Development at Vanderbilt University, she studied how the mind works, why, and it's impact on our personal and developmental evolution.

In 1999, Peyton followed a persistent calling to move west to California, where her inquiry into the mind expanded into the body and spirit in a quest to discover the mechanics of health and healing. From her first yoga class in 1999, to the practice of meditation and the art of feng shui, Peyton's exploratory and expanding path eventually lead to the decision to pursue a Master's Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine. While studying in the Bay Area, Peyton immersed herself in all aspects of health and healing, including integrative medicine, holistic nutrition, clairvoyance and energy medicine.

In 2004, Peyton arrived in Ubud, Bali, where she assisted at a community acupuncture clinic run in conjunction with the well known Bumi Sehat Natural Birthing Clinic run by CNN Hero of 2011 Robin Lim and participated in healing ceremonies with indigenous healers, called Balians, including Ketut Arsana . From Bali, she made her way to Australia where she studied color therapy and Australian Bush Flower Essences.

In 2007, Peyton began her first private practice in Wayne, Pennsylvania and moved her practice to Cardiff By The Sea in 2010. In 2013, her intuitive abilities magnified dramatically. She is able to hear messages from spirit and see and communicate with people and animals who have passed or baby beings who are preparing to be born into the world. She uses her abilities to help relay divine messages and bring comfort to those in need.

Peyton Theodore is a California Licensed Acupuncturist, Reiki Master, and Certified Meditation Teacher. She uses essential oils and flower essences in her healing sessions and also offers health coaching sessions with intuitive guidance, including card readings and hands on healing. Peyton has a passion for working with women around pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and motherhood, as well as, helping with grief, loss, and other major life transitions.